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21 Jun

Some of the automatic channels I want to join require that I be identified with services.

I have set xchat to autologin with nickserv when i start up, but sometimes there is a delay, it will try to join certain channels (and fail), before I am authenticated.

Mac App Store is very useful place to distribute applications for non-geek users. Also, there was several other issues because I didn't want to change X-Chat Aqua developement policy.

Most of Debian/Ubuntu users do not want to search applications on broad Internet world, if you can access alternative (or even the same) applications on Aptitude. But I should keep Mac App Store guidelines to submit X-Chat Aqua. Main Reason: Any application on Mac App Store may not use names that include 'Mac', 'OS X', 'Aqua' or any other of Apples trademarks.

Get on your knees now and worship, u want this, u need this, u crave for being controlled. Please be respectful and u will get the same in return. Offering u my time and attention is probably the best thing u got in life so far, so be grateful for it.

Visit us (Moved from XChat Azure is a new brand of X-Chat Aqua, especially for Apple Appstore. After Azure 1.11, it is using App sandboxing by Mac Appstore policy.

As mentioned on the freenode faq, there are two additional methods you can try. Copy cap_sasl_or cap_sasl_to your .xchat/ directory, so that it auto-loads.

If you have a cloak on freenode, there is a script that will prevent you from joining channels until your cloak has been applied (which requires that you are identified). Once loaded, use the /SASL command to add or remove SASL settings per network -- its help text describes the syntax. Using /connect will give this slightly confusing response; "* Permission Denied - You're not an IRC operator".

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To recover this, find the original configuration and replace symlink to original one. (For example, /Users/myname) NOTE: DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING If you are now using XChat GTK or X-Chat Aqua, and now you want to move to XChat Azure, you should do some work.

The main body of XChat code is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

However, on August 23, 2004, the official build for Windows had become shareware, and had to be purchased after a 30-day trial period.

We have loads of ideas to make x Chat better and will keep you guys informed of what is going on.

Also to let you guys pick or help on what direction we go with x Chat.