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26 Jun

The Incredible XML Parser has all the nice features from the library described on this page AND it's even faster, more scalable, less memory-hungry and easier to use. encoding support (chinese) (see this UTF-8-demo that shows the characters available).To the best of my knowledge, the Incredible XML Parser is the best "non-validating C XML parser" currently available 😄 (and by a large margin! If you are still experiencing character encoding problems, I suggest you to convert your XML files to UTF-8 using a tool like iconv (precompiled win32 binary).Prior experience with XML and C is required to understand this document.

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Let's look at the well-known Xerces C library: The complete Xerces project is 53 MB! The source code of my small tools was usually around 600KB.

Thereafter, you can easily "explore" the tree to get your data.

You can also modify the tree using "add" and "delete" functions and regenerate a formatted XML string from a subtree.

Beyond this guide, you may also find the following sources of information useful: Welcome to Code Synthesis XSD and the C /Parser mapping.

XSD is a cross-platform W3C XML Schema to C data binding compiler.