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02 Jan

What's worse is that some malware developers use disguised "Flash installers" as a way to get their malware onto your Mac.Some web sites may pop up a message telling you that your software is out of date and demanding that you "update," and once you do, blam — your Mac is saddled with adware or malware that will redirect your browser or worse.This wiki page describes how to install the Adobe Flash Player, formerly known as the Macromedia Flash Player, on Debian systems.

You can prevent the prompt by using the Allow Outdated Plugins policy, but we recommend updating Chrome to the latest version instead.Chromium Chrome Firefox Community Q&A Need to update your Flash player in Linux Mint?The method you use to update Flash depends on the web browser that you're using.Adobe Flash Player is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages.Flash is frequently used for advertisements and games.