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10 Mar

Having recently strained to wrap my head around my own twentysomething kids' Jewish Zeitgeist, I look back at my nuptial experience of the 1970s--marrying the Jewish son of two Eastern European immigrants, which felt to me at the time like an act of free will--as quaint and overdetermined, a sepia Jewish Hallmark card. Time marches on, and what feels, perhaps, assimilative and de-Judaizing to one generation, feels normative to the next.

And so I sat down with my daughter and two of her strongly Jewishly-identified twentysomething acquaintances--three rabbis' kids--and asked them about their felt world, its progressive Zeitgeist, their intellectual socialization--and how all of this has inflected their interpersonal choices.

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It has recently occurred to me that "normative" Jewish-American experience lasts exactly one generation.

What I mean by that is that my Jewish experience--which I thought would stay, somehow, the ongoing Jewish-American one, certainly the one shared by my children--turns out to have been specific to coming-of-age in New Jersey and New York in the 1960s and '70s.

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If I were less narcissistic, I might have noticed, indeed, that my parents' Jewish young-adulthood was very different from mine.

They and their siblings all, for example, married first-generation American Jews from Trenton, New Jersey--how shtetl is that?