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21 May

Medicines containing valproate have been available since the mid-1960s.

They are marketed in all European Union (EU) Member States under various trade names including Depakine/Deprakine, Depakote and Epilim, and as generic medicines.

The Agency’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has concluded that the benefits of valproate in this condition outweigh their risks, and that all marketing authorisations for medicines containing valproate throughout Europe should be amended to include the treatment of manic episodes in bipolar disorders when lithium is contraindicated or not tolerated.

Valproate is a salt (sodium or semisodium) of valproic acid, an anti-epileptic medicine which can also be used in patients with bipolar disorder.

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Drawing on prevailing models of adolescent neurodevelopment and a growing number of neuroimaging studies on the interrelations among social contexts, the brain, and developmental outcomes, we review research that supports the idea of adolescent neurobiological susceptibility to social context for understanding why and how adolescents differ in development and well-being.

We propose that adolescent development is shaped by brain-based individual differences in sensitivity to social contexts – be they positive or negative – such as those created through relationships with parents/caregivers and peers.

The proscribed traffic was international in nature at that time.

The concept of localised grooming, in which gangs groom neighbourhood victims, was defined in 2010 by the UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.