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23 Sep

In VS 2017, you have choice to install ui components by using bower. Because big rewrites (almost) never work, it's a case of migrating sections of the site one at a time, having Web Forms pass ...

Find a security hole in Flash and you’re able to compromise nearly every browser on the planet – Internet Explorer on Windows, Safari on a Mac, Firefox on Linux – you can run wild.

Here is one of the odd days where I wanted to push out a image file from SQL which was sorted as varbinary(MAX) ... It’s my pleasure to use this blog to write stuff about technical stuff and things that I do or use in my daily life. In our kitchen I have an amp and speakers, and I have a Raspberry Pi One acting as a media streamer, primarily for use with Air Play. All DBAs have been asked to copy a database from one SQL instance to another. So you might have noticed in the Azure market place you can install an HA instance of Neo4j – Awesomeballs! We use Liqui Base for Database change control and Octopus for deployment to downstream environments in our CICD pipeline.

Even if the instances are identical, the relationship (SID) between the logins and table users are broken. As companies begin migrating to AZURE, DBAs are tempted to save terrestrial (non-AZURE) backup files to “the cloud” to leverage the unlimited amount of space that is available. This article explains how data synchronization works on SQL Server Always On Availability Group and some details about how to use sys.dm_hadr_database_replic... Unfortunately, the version of Liqui Base we use writes information messages to standard ...

If you follow Ghacks you know that Google made the decision to phase out so-called NPAPI plugins in the Chrome browser and Chromium this year.

NPAPI plugins use an old plugin API from the Netscape days.