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16 Feb

Lacey-Mae Schwimmer is an American dancer/ singer, and a reality TV star who was born on the 28th of June, 1988 and her current age is 26 years of age.

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The rest of the cast is AMAZING with Anna Friel, Kristin Chenowith (though she's apparently the worst part of the show. Must be an AWESOME show then), Swoosie Kurtz and Chi Mc Bride with Jim Dale as narrator. Check here for the CBS Upfronts 2007Check here for the ABC Upfronts 2007Check here for the NBC Upfronts 2007Check here for the FOX Upfronts 2007 (and The CW is in there too)Video Uploaded by Series Blog More After the Jump...Up until last night, one of the best parts of "So You Think You Can Dance" was that, unlike on other results shows, drama still actually happened.On Thursday nights, when the fallout from the audience's votes was revealed, the judges were able to intervene and make their decisions after dancers had been given one last shot to prove themselves in solos.I hope that she will be in the finales to come if there are more of them.Keep up the good work and may God continue to Bless you.