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07 Dec

The army has denied allegations that investigators are using the case to embark on a broader mission to weed out gay soldiers.

In the conservative country, gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people are harshly stigmatised and struggle to be politically visible, while powerful Christian lobby groups immobilise politicians seeking to pass anti-discrimination laws.

Three Americans are being held in North Korea: former Virginia resident Kim Dong-chul, who was working in a special economic zone in the North; Tony Kim, a professor teaching for a month at a university in Pyongyang who was detained last weekend; and Otto.

Han Ga-ram, an openly gay human rights lawyer, said: 'South Korea's military doesn't exclude gay men from compulsory duty, but once they enter the military, they are seen as dangerous and treated as potential criminals, as the ongoing army investigation shows.'He said the investigation had 'touched off fear in the LGBT community.'Mr Ga-ram added: 'Hate crimes against LGBT people are already a serious problem, and the government could make it worse by sending the wrong message by punishing gay men in the military.'The army doesn't reveal information about how often it pursues cases against gay soldiers, but Mr Lim said in the five years before 2017 he knows of only two cases where soldiers were prosecuted for homosexual activity.SEOUL — Cindy Warmbier sent three huge Chinese-style lanterns up into the sky over Cincinnati on Dec. "I love you, Otto," she said as they floated away, imagining that her son, turning 22 that day, might see them from wherever he was being held in North Korea.Then she sang him "Happy Birthday."If ordinary Americans are alarmed about the current tensions with North Korea, imagine how Fred and Cindy Warmbier feel.They offer another range of "tone" and feeling through texting that portrays specific emotions through facial gestures while in the midst of text-based cyber communication.The word is a portmanteau word of the English words "emotion" and "icon".