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10 Apr

Perhaps you are looking for a compatible companion who wants to travel to the same places and share rooms to save money.

Companionship covers friends, marriage, and everything in between.

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For transactions of less than £100 we absorb the cost ourselves. This will show you what packages we have, and any special offers we may have. We do not hold any card details on our servers, which ensures maximum safety for your details.Read the fine print to be careful that you’re not signing yourself up for a plan that automatically renews itself.If you are, make sure to watch your renewal dates if you decide to cancel.We offer the following payment plans: 1 Month Membership £19.99 3 Month Membership £39.99 6 Month Membership £59.99 12 Month Membership £89.99 To upgrade your membership please log on to your account and go to your account settings (icon top right). Please email us: [email protected] or call 01 We have probably given you a free trial for Speed Dater online dating.Your card will never be charged without your explicit permission. Under our terms and conditions we do not refund membership fees.